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Legal Partners You Can Trust

Worden & Associates is committed to providing unparalleled legal advice to our clients on a daily basis. Our team of experienced legal professionals serve entrepreneurs as well as small to midsize companies in a wide variety of industries, including financial services, printing, commercial real estate, promotions, retail and engineering.

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How We Measure Success

We practice in many areas of the law, including contracts and licenses, financing agreements, leases, litigation, entities, corporate governance, employee issues, regulatory compliance and negotiation services. And although we provide services in many fields, we measure our success on a simple two-pronged approach: 

1. Technical quality 
2. Service quality - providing a positive experience for our clients from start to finish

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Our Success Is Your Success

First and foremost, we pride ourselves on building trust with our clients, and, just as importantly, holding our professionals accountable to meet client needs.

Our competent, hard-working, loyal group of professionals work every day knowing that our success only goes as far as our client's success. So we’ve made it our mission to deliver high value at an affordable cost, thanks to our creative billing solutions, which are specifically designed to meet each individual client’s needs.

Whether you are seeking corporate and commercial legal advice or individual services, when you choose to work with Worden & Associates, you are choosing a trusted team of professionals.